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30 Days of Discrimination Towards WOMEN. Womens History Month

UPDATE April 15th is Income Tax Day. Is it OK to "attack Women on income Tax day" particularly when the FACT is that the Legislators who wrote this Tax Code were likely MEN? When we study the past, it is to improve our present & future. It is not enough to celebrate history for history's sake, then rest on our laurels & marvel at our accomplishments with a congratulatory pat on the back. This is WHY we study history: to take those lessons from the past to make life better for everyone. I have spent most of the month of March recognizing the past historic achievements of women, then tried to put it all together to encourage people to think about why this matters, how this affects our present

Got Gadgets? Get Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Tech tools are designed to make our lives better. Put them to good use with better communication. Learn to treat people as INDIVIDUALS. Learn to speak with Emotional Intelligence. Itching. Scratching. Sniffling. Coughing. All are forms of Non-Verbal Communication. How are WOMEN Responsible for this??? We're not. It's Misogyny. Bullying has become a Global EPIDEMIC. This has got to stop Learn to Recognize PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS. Get yourself, "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" on Amazon and here on Revolving Door HR Shop NOW

Numbers Matter.  How Long Has This Been Going On? Womens History Month

UPDATE: Numbers-based MISOGYNY cost Hillary Clinton the Election. How are WOMEN to blame for the Calendar? We're not. Below is a link to my personal Facebook page with my thoughts on the Judaeo-Christian Bible. The Word of God wasn't written by one person. The Christian Bible is an Anthology of Essays written by several people. In my opinion, MISOGYNY can be traced back to the beginning of Time when Eve was blamed for Original Sin - eating the Apple. Dead Sea Scrolls: Evidence of Censorship of the Bible UPDATE. April 13 is on Friday this year: Friday the 13th. I was taught in algebra that "a negative times a negative equals a positive." I am still wondering when this will be Lucky 13? B

1984. Backwards From the Beginning. Womens History Month

UPDATE: Written in 1948 under the name George Orwell, Eric Arthur Blair 's dystopian nightmare reality is one of the root causes of 20th Century Misogyny. Locally, here in Houston, one of our primary major thoroughfares is the Gulf Freeway, I-45. During the Mid-Term Elections the name of our Freeway became WEAPONIZED AGAINST WOMEN, in a Sexist, Misogynistic way. It was hurtful. It was hateful & quite frankly is the Definition of Hate Speech against WOMEN. BECAUSE this Presidential Term that we're now in is the 45th Presidency, some opposition groups have been referring to the man as "45," in a derogatory fashion: a SLUR, possibly even a Racial Slur. Is there something wrong with the NUMBER

Speaking in Tongues. Medicare Statement of Understanding

Being able to UNDERSTAND each other when we speak is CRUCIAL to Communication. Now that Russian collusion in the 2016 Election may or may not be off the table, could there have been any other contributing factors that kept voters home on Election Day? It's an uncomfortable but necessary conversation to have - FOR THE RIGHT REASONS: Seeking UNDERSTANDING of WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED & how to make sure it doesn't happen again. Houston is the most wonderfully diverse city in the country. While the predominant alternate language spoken in our city is Spanish, our Chinatown is MASSIVE, with street signs & store fronts written in Chinese Characters, Vietnamese Characters, Korean Characters. The Uni

Healthcare. It's My Livelihood.

UPDATE. In the middle of everything currently going on, overnight there were reports that the GOP is set to take another swing at ObamaCARE. Understanding Health Insurance Toolkit Volunteering in the last Political cycle was so exhausting, I haven't yet decided if I'm gonna jump into the fray again this time. Certainly not during the Primary cycle. Let's see who makes it onto the Ballot & then I will decide at that time what level of involvement (if any) I'm willing to engage in. Once again, the National Fight over ObamaCARE is Bankrupting me. The two main provisions of ObamaCARE that made it so special are Protecting Coverage for people with PreExisting Conditions, & Eliminating Lifetime

Women's History Month

UPDATE. The 19th Amendment was only the beginning. We still have work to do. The Equal Rights Amendment still needs one more state to be ratified into the US Constitution, completing the work of these brave Pioneer Women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul & Lucy Stone. National Women's History Month The Women's Rights Movement actually had a difference of opinion with respect of how best to do this. With the centuries-old rise of misogynistic attitudes toward women, I think the Grassroots Political Action Group seeking Full Suffrage for Women was actually right. Still longing to see the Election of our 1st Madam President in the US. Voting Rights Only

Can Public Officials Be SLANDERED? Yes They Can. Women's History Month

The benchmark for Slander for anyone in the Public Eye is extremely high, particularly for Public Officials. Public Officials are Elected to conduct business on the Public's behalf. As such the performance of their duties does require a higher level of transparency than a Public Figure, like a musician or actor or anyone else who has voluntarily put themselves in the Public Eye. Even Public Officials & Public Figures do have some expectation of Privacy in their Private lives. Slander & Defamation are defined as "harm to one's reputation" resulting from the Circulation of False or Misleading Information. 1. Is it False? 2. Was it Circulated? 3. Was it Believed? While no one can argue that

HealthCARE, DACA, Global Warming. Women's History Month

So the Mueller Report has come out & the American Public is waiting to see what's in it. We do know what's not in it: no new indictments - as if there haven't been enough already. CNN's Chris Cuomo regularly points out that criminality of the #ApprenticePresident should not be the benchmark. Which is also my main point with respect to ETHICS. Insurance Agents like myself are REQUIRED to Re-Certify once every two years, including MANDATORY ETHICS TRAINING. The American People EXPECT the Leader of the Free World to conduct the Public's business with RESPECT at the very least. In my view, this man BULLIED his way onto the Republican Ticket - with an insulting cutsie-little nickname for every o

She Persisted Around the World. 13 Women Who Changed History

UPDATE. When the Naysayers say "No you can't," we say "Yes we can." One year ago today, former 1st Daughter Chelsea Clinton held a Book Signing for her Children's Book here in Houston. Highlighting 13 female historical figures with a short one-page biography, Clinton shines the spotlight on women who overcame adversity against all odds to claim their rightful place in History. Being born on Friday the 13th, I naturally take notice of 13 anything. This fact is a tremendous part of the reason WHY so much of my work focuses on how NUMBERS hurt WOMEN. Chelsea Clinton was recently in town for a Book Signing Event at Blue Willow Bookstore in support of her new Children's Book, "She Persisted Aro

Emotional Intelligence is Non-Retaliation

Among the topics of Insurance Agent Ethics Training is the concept of Non-Retaliation. Much like the Christian concept of "turning the other cheek," Non-Retaliation is part of Dispute Resolution. Our society has become so litigious, the fighting has got to STOP somewhere. Locally, the Houston Metropolitan area is dealing with a massive Plant Explosion along the Houston Ship Channel in Deer Park , Texas. Already the Personal Injury Trial Lawyers are lining up to file suit against the chemical company involved. They really need to be careful that they don't cross-over into the territory of Barratry. I have long said that Tort Reform in Medical Mal-Practice Suit Will Fix Rising Premiums When p

Material Misrepresentation of Facts, Part 2. Women's History Month

The First Amendment guarantees things like Free Speech & Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion & the Right to Peaceful Public Assembly, but there remain certain types of speech that are not protected by the Constitution, such as Hate Speech, Bullying, Race-Baiting & Deceptive Trade Practices. Deceptive Trade Practice & Material Misrepresentation of Facts are basic tenants of ETHICS. Insurance Agents like myself will appreciate the impossibly high standards that we Agents are held to just to do our jobs to cover you, protect your health while putting ourselves at tremendous personal risk. ETHICS It is a frustratingly highly Politicized & thankless job, where the majority of us are Self Em

Watching Her Wake Up on Her Deathbed. Women's History Month

UPDATE:. The 19th Amendment gave Women the Right to Vote but it doesn't go far enough. Let's celebrate 100 years of voting rights by ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment in 2019. With the protection of the Equal Rights Amendment, Pop Culture would not be able to declare "Open Season" on women as has been done for DECADES in Music, in Movies & in TV Advertising. Clear Need for Equal Rights Amendment. MISOGYNISTIC TV Attack Ads Are NOT OK Today, March 19th is the start of "March Madness" so I thought I would highlight WHY we do still need the Equal Rights Amendment by looking at the MADEA Franchise' latest offering " A Madea Family Funeral" PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS - we are NOT our actors, goo

Feminist Toolkit, Links & Resources

Connect Shop Learn Grow with like-minded Feminist Resources, Organizations & Individuals from around the Web. This Women's History Month, on the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, Show some love for these Feminist Organizations, all working for a shared common goal: Equality. https://www.revolvingdoorhr.com/feminist-resources-links-page New resources added often so check back for updates. Shop Now

Help Fund This Critical Mission. Give to the Revolving Door Store

When the biggest Bully on the planet can be elected to the highest office in this land, we have a CRITICAL PROBLEM in America. What I view as even more disturbing than who one person is, is that there are millions more just like him that think name calling, bullying & personal attacks are ok. I’m about to burst a blood vessel doing everything I can think of to do, but I’m going broke trying to do this full time. This critically vital mission I’m on stands to benefit millions of PEOPLE – not just women, but all of us. Making this world we all share a more CIVILIZED place for millions of INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE is very worthy of your support. Give to the Revolving Door here:

Emotional Intelligence is DeEscalation. Women's History Month

Peaceful Co-Existence is the goal of all societies that believe that "Life, Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness" is a God-given right of ALL people. For Women's History Month today, in light of the terrorist attack on a Muslim House of Worship, I chose to look at the History of Women in Religion. When we speak of history how far back in history should we go??? Easter is around the corner, the Holiest time of year on the Christian calendar & THE ENTIRE BASIS OF CHRISTIANITY. More Holy than Christmas, our ENTIRE Christian Religion is based on the Torture, Death & Resurrection of Christ From the dead. Jesus taught us to "Love Thy Enemies," to "Turn the Other Cheek." In my opinion, Network TV is

Next Level Thinking. The Word is PREJUDICE

UPDATE. Sending Peace, Love & Healing to New Zealand in the wake of the Islamophobic-terrorist attack on 2 Mosques in Christchurch this morning, killing 49 innocent souls as they worshiped. People are INDIVIDUALS & Equal Rights is about EQUALITY FOR ALL. Antisemitism has got to stop. Islamophobia has got to stop. Misogyny has got to stop. Until we can eradicate Hate of all kinds from this world that we all share, people should think in terms of PREJUDICE. Prejudice is caused by hate. Discrimination is caused by Prejudice. Discrimination is the outward manifestation of hateful Prejudice. Learn to treat ALL people as Individuals. Learn to treat ALL people with RESPECT. Learn to speak

Madam President? Women's History Month

When the biggest bully on the planet can not only make it onto the Republican ticket but also manage to bully his way into the White House, we can say that MISOGYNY IS A PROBLEM IN AMERICA. The 19th Amendment gave Women the right to vote, but it doesn't go far enough. We need one more state to get to that magic number of 38 to make the Equal Rights Amendment the law of the land. 38 out of 50??? Is that the best we can do? Shop NOW

Be 4 Something, Against Nothing

EQUALITY. It's about Inclusion, not Exclusion. It is TIME to INCLUDE WOMEN in the US Constitution under the Equal Rights Amendment. 2019 is the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. This important legislation does not go far enough. The INTENT of the Equal Rights Amendment is CLEAR: "ON ACCOUNT OF SEX." Now we need to go the extra mile & finish what we started. All we need is one more state to make this happen. Be FOR Women. Get "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" here Shop NOW

One More State For Equal Rights Ratification. Women's History Month

The 1st Amendment that gives Americans Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press & the right for Peaceful Assembly has it's limitations, including limitations on speech that is considered Slanderous. Journalism Majors are required to study Libel Law, which is why I keep harping on Misogynist Attack Ads on TV towards women. Remedies for Slander, defined as harm to one's reputation, include suing for monetary damages. These attack ads, generally focusing on MILK are holding an entire class of people up to public scorn, implying that drinking MILK is responsible for giving people GAS. Gas makes people happy, doesn't it? THIS IS HATE SPEECH. This is WHY we need Ratification of the

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