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Like Cheese???

Swiss cheese. Sharp Cheddar. American cheese. Blue cheese. Cheese is a Dairy Product.


Why do we say cheese when we take a picture?

Cheese has become SYMBOLIC of photography, of TV, of movies.

Symbolic Communication is the reason the public is just so very happy. People learn in many ways - including attitudes & thoughts learned by watching TV.

It shapes our attitudes, colors our thoughts & puts people at odds with each other whether we realize it or not.

In teaching & learning, sometimes learning what NOT to do is as important or more important than learning what TO DO.

When we arm ourselves with the knowledge that SOME PEOPLE act this way, that SOME people talk this way, that SOME people live this way, we don't scapegoat an entire class of INDIVIDUALS - like WOMEN.

Today's food for thought for January FOURTH.

Learn to communicate with Emotional Intelligence.

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