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What Feminism IS. What Feminism is NOT

There are many misconceptions that Feminists are anti-male. Nothing could be further from the truth. Emotional Intelligence teaches us to see people as INDIVIDUALS. Following along from yesterday's post, David Bowie was one incredibly sick INDIVIDUAL who happened to be a man. One man's frightening portrayal of rape, murder & violence against women does not mean that all men are rapists.

What Feminism IS.  What Feminism is NOT

Particularly when it comes to Emotional Intelligence. This isn't the "He-Man Women Haters Club" like Spanky & Our Gang in the Little Rascals.

It is about Equality & Inclusion for all.

All during 2017, I kept hearing this new term "Intersectional Feminism." This morning, I decided to look into exactly what is meant by intersectional feminism.

What I found was a well-intentioned attempt to level the playing field for female minorities: Hispanic Women, Black Women, Lesbian Women & so forth.

My first thought was when we learn to live our lives with Emotional Intellligence - to see PEOPLE as INVIDIDUALS, we don't need these descriptive qualifiers on "what kind of woman is she?"

To me, the term "Intersectional Feminist" is still applying a label according to any number of physical qualities that can cause prejudice. To be sure, prejudice, including racial prejudice is a huge problem - a problem that can be cured by learning Emotional Intelligence, so we don't face backlash against White Women.

When we learn to treat people as individuals, we will truly achieve EQUALITY FOR ALL.


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