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Big Brother's Video Games

In honor of Women's History Month, I'm planning a Buy One Get One Free Sale in my Store, but full disclosure, there's still a few Bugs in my system I need to get worked out before the promotion goes live.

So I'm sitting here this morning brainstorming blog ideas before I fly out the door for the final day of campaigning prior the last day of Early Voting for the Texas Democratic Primaries.

Violent Video Games & Gun Control with the NRA.

So it appears that the #ApprenticePresident - who got elected by people who WATCH TOO MUCH TV is said to be taking a swing at Gun Violence in Video Games - something I've said for 20 years now.

But what about the bad influence of TV Shows???

How do you TURN THE TV OFF on Oscar Weekend???

So all 10 people who ever actually read what I write may be familiar with this picture of my Grandmother's Brother, Jack Brown.

He was not just my Grandmother's Brother.

He was not just my Mother's Uncle.

He was MY Uncle too - I knew him. I loved him.

Jack Brown was a Broadcast PIONEER.

So the networks just love when I (rightfully) call them out for DESTROYING LIVES FOR PROFIT on the Red Carpet.

For anyone who hasn't read George Orwell's book 1984, this is EXACTLY what it's about: Deliberate Disinformation & LIES.

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