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Pining for Yesteryear? Entertainment Industry to Blame for Valentine's Day Massacre

UPDATE. March For Our Lives & Gun Control start with the Entertainment Industry & what society accepts as a "Cultural Norm."

TV. Music. Violent Video Games like "Call of Duty" have gotten us to the point our society has gotten to. We as a people have become de-sensitized to violence from the very beginning of Electronic Communication of all kinds.

Yesterday's senseless massacre of 17 young people at a Florida High School by one of their peers was likely brought about by the young shooter listening to violent music, watching violent TV Shows & playing violent video games.

There will be countless legislators, pundits, media analysts & members of the general public with an opinion (rightfully so) on the statistics that will delve into the facts of what happened in that individual incident.

As a Sociologist, I would like to examine the philosophical evolution of the "acceptable moral standards" that enables these values & attitudes to even exist.