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Letter to Senate Finance Committee on Obamacare

UPDATE. PreExisting Conditions are under attack by the #ApprenticePresident again. One of the pivotal provisions of ObamaCare is that it took the language of PreExisting Conditions out of the Health Care Law known as the "Affordable Care Act."

Of all of the myriad national issues I care about, there is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN THIS.

As a Health & Life Insurance Agent of 11 years, these non-stop efforts to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCare" will kill my Grandson & DESTROY MY PAYCHECK. No wonder I'm so broke.

Here is my Testimony from September of 2017:

As promised, here is what I'm sending to Washington on our behalf:

Lisa Annette Stanley

Independent Health Insurance Agent

5711 Sugar Hill Drive, #97

Houston, TX 77057

“…putting the Caring Back in HealthCARE”


September 24, 2017

Senate Committee on Finance

Attn: Editorial and Document Section

Room SD-219

Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510-6200


Chairman Hatch, Ranking Member Wyden and Members of the Senate Finance Committee:

“Putting the Caring Back in HealthCARE” isn’t just my Email signature, it’s a way of life for me since becoming a Life & Health Insurance Agent in 2006.

That is why I am writing to you in opposition to the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson Bill that attempts to Repeal & Replace the Affordable Care Act. It seems to me that a Health PLAN that kills people doesn’t have much caring in it.

My name is Lisa Annette Stanley, age 56 from Houston, Texas: Health Insurance Agent, Obamacare Insured & first time Grandmother.

This is my only Grandson Solomon Oliver Lanford.

Solomon has a Pre-Existing Condition for Life.


His Intestines were surgically removed at birth.

Solomon will die without CHIP.

He has a condition known as Volvulus of the Intestines 1 in 500 live births in the US are affected by this, making this one of the most common birth defects no one's ever heard of.

Volvulus of the intestine in newborns is caused by malrotation (mal-ro-tation) of the intestines at around 10 weeks of fetal development, but it is not known what causes malrotation. The progression of malrotation to the point of volvulus is a life-threatening medical emergency that requires surgical intervention.

The best way to describe an intestinal volvulus is like watering plants with a garden hose. Who hasn't had the experience of getting a kink in the hose that cuts off the flow of water?

In an instance such as this, additional complicating factors can be present. When blood & oxygen are cut off for long periods of time, healthy parts of the intestines can die & cause a septic infection of the blood. This is what happened to him.

Solomon received a blood transfusion of clean healthy blood to help stabilize him prior to the first proceedure. Step One was largely a diagnostic triage to determine how extensive his volvulus was & to allow the return of blood flow to the unaffected tissue & determine how much was salvageable.

It was then determined that Solomon's damage to his intestines was extensive enough that the potentially-life-saving second step procedure required removal of all but 15% of his intestines, causing a condition known as Short Bowel Syndrome.

Solomon will have a Pre-Existing Condition for LIFE.

If this Bill passes, Solomon may face being Uninsurable.