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Medicare. An 80/20 Plan

While Medicare For All may seem like the Gold Standard in Health Care, massive Gaps in Coverage created the need for Supplements.

Unless this country embraces truly Socialized Medicine like Britain or Canada, there will always be a need for Supplements.

Medicare For All

This, in my opinion will go over like a fart in Church with Doctors, Hospitals & Insurance Companies that profit from the American Medical Industry.

Of course I can't say that when I'm sitting one on one with people in an Employee Benefits Enrollment, an Employee Benefits Group Presentation or a Medicare Enrollment with an individual Insured.

Understanding Medicare Supplements provide the basis for understanding how ALL Medical Plans work in the US.

Insurance Supplements are GAP FILLERS to protect us from those 20% of Out of Pocket Costs that could potentially bankrupt a family should a hospitalization due to accident or illness occur.

Most people can afford to pay for a Doctor's Office visit out of pocket, but an unplanned Hospital stay could be a potentially bankrupting event.

Take for example a $100,000 Hospital Bill. Most Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, under an 80/20 Plan would leave the employee with a $20,000 Out of Pocket Hospital bill - thus the need for SUPPLEMENTS, like Hospital Indemnity, Accident Plans, Critical Illness Plans & the like.

As an Employee Benefits Counselor who depended on ObamaCARE for my own coverage, I had to teach this basic principle to Employers & Employees alike who were not educated on this.

Additionally, ObamaCARE is the Coverage of Last Resort (for people like me) who are 1099 & are not offered Employee Benefits through a job, who are not yet 65 & can Age in to Medicare and who are not Low Income enough to Qualify for Medicaid.

To all supporters of Bernie Sanders, or BernieCrats, as I affectionately refer to them, lack of Party Unification is what enabled the 2016 Election TO BE STOLEN.

While Medicare For All - or even TRULY SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, which I whole-heartedly SUPPORT is a fantastic ideal, people NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHY this is not a perfect fix for our broken Health Care system.

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