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Stereotyping Individuals

Stereotyping Individuals

UPDATE: Still morning the death of my mom Brenda Stanley, this was written 1yr ago today in response to the race riots in Charlottesville, Virginia.


So I haven't said much in any official capacity these last couple days. I've been trying to stay busy in my period of mourning for my mother who died of Cancer 5 years ago today. August is always a really hard time of year for that reason. I still miss my mother.

And then I turn on the TV.

It appears that an extremist group of white supremacist are causing riots in Virginia.


A Group of INDIVIDUALS that don't speak for all white people.

I have lived all over the US & overseas in Singapore, where I met this guy while I was in college. He is MUSLIM. We dated off & on for YEARS when I went back home to Singapore.

I was among the first group of young school children to attend racially-integrated schools in the mid 1960s. I grew up thinking this was normal & as it should be.