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Treats Not Tricks. National Funeral Museum on FM 1960

Houston Funeral Museum on FM 1960

Being a Life & Health Insurance agent who was Born on Friday the 13th, Halloween has always been a happy time of year, including study of World Funerary Customs in recent years.

Safe alternatives to Halloween Trick or Treating has sadly been a topic of discussion for years. These pictures are from 2005 about the time I was studying to get my Insurance License the following year & I never forgot this.

One trend that I'm liking is the Teal Pumpkin Project for children who have food allergies or otherwise can't have Candy due to a Medical Condition.

Looking back on current events with unspeakable National Tragedies, all of us are trying to make some sense out of how our country has gotten to this place were are now.

Point being is that Hollywood has made the business of being scared, fun, or has it it?

No, I think being scared in just scary.

Below is something I wrote after the Mass-Shooting at the Mother Emanuel Church, comparing the difference between how President Obama dealt with our national grief as compared to the #ApprenticePresident

When death is the result of natural causes such as a prolonged illness, we take great comfort in the fact that it is an end to suffering: that the deceased is released from pain.

When death is caused by the violent acts of men, we question American values. And rightfully so. Do we value guns or do we value people?

When we put our grief into action in a positive way, we don't seek revenge.

The manner in which two very different presidents address the nation's pain could not be more different.

The thing that strikes me is the HYPOCRITICAL way that the #ApprenticePresident goes on & on about the "Fake News" while claiming to be "the REAL Donald Trump."

He blames the victim, usually CNN, where I spend a lot of time during Primetime when the silly stupid sitcoms & cop shows are on. He fails to unite a hurting country.

Ethics Reform in the Broadcast Industry

IMore thoughts tomorrow.

Thoughts on Death, Dying & Spiritually from my Personal Facebook Page

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