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Pining for Yesteryear? Entertainment Industry to Blame for Valentine's Day Massacre

UPDATE. March For Our Lives & Gun Control start with the Entertainment Industry & what society accepts as a "Cultural Norm."

TV. Music. Violent Video Games like "Call of Duty" have gotten us to the point our society has gotten to. We as a people have become de-sensitized to violence from the very beginning of Electronic Communication of all kinds.

Yesterday's senseless massacre of 17 young people at a Florida High School by one of their peers was likely brought about by the young shooter listening to violent music, watching violent TV Shows & playing violent video games.

There will be countless legislators, pundits, media analysts & members of the general public with an opinion (rightfully so) on the statistics that will delve into the facts of what happened in that individual incident.

As a Sociologist, I would like to examine the philosophical evolution of the "acceptable moral standards" that enables these values & attitudes to even exist.

"Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" is a socio-political commentary on the 2016 election, HOWEVER, more than that it is an INDICTMENT ON THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. (Which is why my "actors," my "people", my "helpers" generally don't help me: I am calling them out. Pointing my finger at them. Blaming them for the CULTURAL CLIMATE THEY HAVE CREATED.

There are PEOPLE at the head of ABC. There are PEOPLE at the head of CBS, of FOX, of CNN. These PEOPLE who hide behind Free Speech & then incredulously ask "How did this happen again?"

Because THEY are desensitizing the public to gratuitous violence.

Consider David Bowie. Iconic Space Man, or incredibly SICK individual poisoning the minds of the listening public???

Every network on the dial IDOLIZED that frightening freak of nature last week when Elon Musk launched the SpaceEx Rocket, while blasting David Bowie across the universe.

Reportedly a commentary on the 1929 Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago involving Al Capone, the Italian Maffa & Irish Street Gangs, how SICK & DISTURBING IS THIS???

Don't know if the Parkland High School Shooter was a David Bowie fan or not, but you can find disturbing lyrics in every music genre. You can find disturbing images on every TV Network. You can find GUN VIOLENCE in VIDEO GAMES by every manufacturer.

Cultural values & social morals are shaped by what we choose to see & hear when we turn on the Idiot Box.

Consider these Classic Children's Cartoons:

And even Bambi - yes Bambi. Bambi's mother was SHOT & KILLED by a hunter's rifle in the opening scenes. The story is about Bambi growing up without his mother who was KILLED BY A GUN.

The BROADCAST INDUSTRY is to BLAME for creating the cultural climate that has CAUSED wide-spread gun violence in this country.

Send a message to the media: Enough is ENOUGH.

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