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She Persisted Around the World. 13 Women Who Changed History

UPDATE. When the Naysayers say "No you can't," we say "Yes we can." One year ago today, former 1st Daughter Chelsea Clinton held a Book Signing for her Children's Book here in Houston.

Highlighting 13 female historical figures with a short one-page biography, Clinton shines the spotlight on women who overcame adversity against all odds to claim their rightful place in History.

Being born on Friday the 13th, I naturally take notice of 13 anything. This fact is a tremendous part of the reason WHY so much of my work focuses on how NUMBERS hurt WOMEN.

Chelsea Clinton was recently in town for a Book Signing Event at Blue Willow Bookstore in support of her new Children's Book, "She Persisted Around the World."

While I was unable to get a ticket to the event, I did manage to reserve a signed copy of the book.

Now, I honor her by encouraging little girls & young women to study Civics, Political Science & Equal Rights with my first two product offerings now in Store, each just $1

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