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HealthCARE, DACA, Global Warming. Women's History Month

Alice Austen, New York Public Library, "Newspaper Woman"

UPDATE. Vote like your Life depends on it. Because it does. Today is Primary Day for the Democratic Primary in 14 States, including Texas. I guess it's a blessing in disguise that I haven't yet cast my Vote for President as my Candidate has just graciously endorse one of her former opponents.

This country sorely needs healing from PREJUDICE OF ALL KINDS including SEXISM. What is it gonna take for this country to Rally behind a QUALIFIED WOMAN & Elect our 1st Madam President???

It was such a joy to Vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 & I was SO HOPEFUL that maybe just maybe 2020 would be the year we could make it happen.

I will be heading out to the Polls at around 10am or so.

All I know is that the Bully-in-Chief currently in Washington has got to go.


So the Mueller Report has come out & the American Public is waiting to see what's in it. We do know what's not in it: no new indictments - as if there haven't been enough already.

CNN's Chris Cuomo regularly points out that criminality of the #ApprenticePresident should not be the benchmark.

Which is also my main point with respect to ETHICS.