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Madam President? Women's History Month Day 4

Photo from the National Archives

UPDATE. While American women are waiting for the National Archivist to enter the Equal Rights Amendment to the books officially making Equal Rights for WOMEN the law of the land, there are steps we can take as a Society

When we learn to live our lives with Emotional Intelligence, we learn to recognize PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS.

2020 saw the State of Virginia become the 38th State to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment into their State Constitution. It takes ratification in 2/3rd of State Constitutions in order for the US Constitution to be amended,

Why does this matter? Why is the Equal Rights Amendment still relevant?

WOMEN as a Class of PEOPLE are Slandered every day in the Media.

We are portrayed in the most hateful, hurtful way possible with Sexist, MISOGYNY every TIME we turn on the TV - every TIME we turn on the Radio.

Prejudice of any kind is NOT OK.

- Side Note. Today, March 4, 2020 the Supreme Court is poised to hear the first case since Roe/VS/Wade, in an UNETHICAL ATTACK on Women's Health CARE.

Stay tuned.


Originally posted March 2019. When the biggest bully on the planet can not only make it onto the Republican ticket but also manage to bully his way into the White House, we can say that MISOGYNY IS A PROBLEM IN AMERICA.

The 19th Amendment gave Women the right to vote, but it doesn't go far enough.

We need one more state to get to that magic number of 38 to make the Equal Rights Amendment the law of the land. 38 out of 50??? Is that the best we can do?

Photo from the National Archives

2020 is around the corner.

For anyone who stayed home in 2016, please don't sit this one out.


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