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Elizabeth Cady Stanton Women's Bible. Women's History Month Day 7 FREE EBook

Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The Women's Bible

Living abroad during my College years, being completely immersed in other Cultures, in other Religions & other Philosophies of Life, I've always been very Open-Minded & receptive to seeing things from a different or new perspective, including thoughts on all kinds of Prejudice including SEXISM.

Finding "The Women's Bible," by Elizabeth Cady Stanton was such a God send.

Click the Image for the entire book FREE, which will open in a new Window.

From the Library of Congress:

"Although most often identified as a suffragist, Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902) participated in a variety of reform initiatives during her lifetime. Setting her sights on women's emancipation and equality in all arenas--political, economic, religious, and social--Stanton viewed suffrage as an important but not paramount goal.*** Since childhood, Stanton had rebelled against the role assigned to women and chafed at being denied a university education because of her sex. As a young woman, she became involved in the temperance