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ESPYs. I Spy Income Inequality. PUBLISH the Equal Rights Amendment

The Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award - commonly known as the ESPY Awards for 2023 are tonight. Just like with other kinds of Awards shows, tomorrow morning ordinary Citizens from across the Country will be claiming ownership of those shiny trophies, million-dollar salaries & lucrative endorsements from sponsors.

That is until they go check their bank account.

If it's anything like mine, it is hemorrhaging money, not making it.


I can't say it enough.

Just like all the other awards shows & "Reality Shows" we are NOT living vicariously through:

"OUR" Football Players

"OUR" Baseball Players

"OUR" Basketball Players

& my "PERSONAL" Favorite

"OUR" Hockey Players.

After all, just BECAUSE the TROPHY for the National Hockey League is the STANLEY CUP & my NAME IS ACTUALLY STANLEY, doesn't mean that the STANLEY CUP & all of Hockey belongs to ME PERSONALLY.

THIS is what you Broadcasters are doing with your Reality shows.

Or is it "Fake News?"

Which is it?

Is this quote/unquote "Real?"

YOU are Playing the Name Game for Sport & RUINING PEOPLE'S LIVES IN THE PROCESS.

Now about those million-dollar contracts FOR PLAYING A GAME!

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