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ETHICS and the IMPEACHMENT of Donald Trump

Ethics: a Standard of Behavior Higher Than the Law

UPDATE. Today is the beginning of the 2nd Impeachment Trial of the Apprentice President.

I have been about to burst a Blood Vessel for the last four years over the COMPLETE & TOTAL LACK OF ETHICS.

GOP Republicans are tying to argue that it is unnecessary, Unconstitutional "Political Theater."


The Apprentice President is the DEFINITION of Political Theatre: the Cartoon Character that made it into the White House.

I won't be participating in ANY of the Social Media Politics - I don't get paid to waste time on Facebook or Twitter.

Plus I'm not looking forward to being BULLIED ONLINE again.

The 2nd Impeachment Trial did not reach back to Russia - it is over his Incitement of Insurrection & Seditious Speech that CAUSED the violent breach of our Capitol on January 6, 2021.

It is NOT Democrats out for Revenge.

The APPRENTICE PRESIDENT MUST face the Consequences of his actions.


Below are my thoughts of ETHICS at ALL LEVELS of Government.


It's gonna be a bit quiet around here for a while as I'm currently in my Life & Health Insurance Re-Certification period for 2021.

Every two years, Insurance Agents must do Continuing Education & Re-Certification to keep current on changing Legislation that affects Insurance Policies.

While it is highly unlikely that I will ever choose to sell Insurance Policies due to my long-standing belief that Insurance Companies are Pure Evil, & being a big proponent of Socialized Medicine, I do intend to to keep my License current for any number of reasons.

I look forward to it every two years - not.

It's not fun.

It is mind-numbingly boring & time consuming.

I would much prefer to be creating Content here or completing work on my Communications Training Program I am putting together.

That, plus the Political Mud-slinging Season has started & I want no part of that.

Gotta go. Will be back soon.

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