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Racing. Unifying or Divisive??? Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

ON THIS DAY, January 14, 2012 I actually made it to the Finish Line of the Houston Marathon in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston - which is NO SMALL FEET EVEN BY CAR on Marathon Day

#RaceDay in Houston for the #HoustonMarathon is here again...& #Sexism against #Women is alive & well. Publish the #EqualRightsAmendment to End #HateSpeech in #BlackMusic calling #Women#Bitch 4 PROFIT that leads to #Misogyny & #ViolenceAgainstWomen. #ERA

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, it has just come to my attention that FEMINIST SHERO, Alice Paul, author of the Equal Rights Amendment is a fellow Capricorn whose birthday is January 11th.

No wonder I had never heard of this.

WOMEN'S RIGHTS & specially the ERA have been drowned-out & over-shadowed by MLK all these years.


WOMEN were INTENTIONALLY LEFT OUT OF the 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments to the US Constitution - FROM THE BEGINNING.

Encore Presentation. This year's Chevron Houston Marathon is on Sunday. Already this morning, TV News Anchors are taking sniper shots at WOMEN in a very Prejudicial & Discriminatory fashion.

WOMEN are NOT responsible for RACING.

What I am watching on TV is REVERSE RACISM, Sexism & MISOGYNY against WOMEN on 1/14 in advance of the Marathon - a RACE.

For anyone who doesn't like Racism, don't become REVESE RACIST.

WOMEN are NOT responsible for SPEAKING IN CODE.

My Mother did not grow up Speaking in Code, how could she teach this to me???

This just goes to show exactly WHY WOMEN need the Equal Rights Amendment - protection from Prejudicial Discrimination & quite frankly Televised SLANDER of Women as a CLASS OF PEOPLE.


Originally Posted January 14, 2018. This year's Houston Marathon was Virtual due to Covid-19. While I have NEVER RACED A DAY IN MY LIFE, the 46th Annual Houston Marathon is today in Downtown Houston. The first running of the Houston Marathon was on December 30, 1972 before being moved to MLK Weekend

Me at the George R Brown Convention Center Finish Line Houston Marathon 2012


The International Event always puts Houston in the Public Eye, hopefully for the right reasons.

Given the current cultural climate, I gotta question the motivation of all this Racing around here.

How are WOMEN responsible for this???

I even need to question the motivation of long-time friends. Do they ever actually read a thing I say all the way through, or are they vying to win some prize at the finish line???

People need to check their MOTIVATION., their reasons for doing things.

Is it for the Right Reasons or overly aggressive competition???

Following Marathon Weekend will be the Women's March, a peaceful protest - not a RACE, encouraging EQUALITY, UNITY & RESPECT.

I was there in 2017, I will be there again this year, marching for equality for all PEOPLE.

The course for the Houston Marathon is literally in my backyard, so I may get dressed in the frigid cold this morning & walk my dog Coco down to the end of my street (like I do every year) to cheer the runners on.

How do we as a people STOP RACING???

Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

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