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Have a Heart This Valentines Day. Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

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UPDATE. Code PINK for Valentines Day? Again??? WOMEN have had it with REVERSE RACISM - also known as SEXISM, also known as MISOGYNY & also known as MISOGYNOIR every time we turn on the TV.

Read below then DEMAND that President Biden END HIS DERELICTION OF DUTY & PUBLISH the Equal Rights Amendment.

Call 202-456-1111

UPDATE. I love flowers. Is there anything more beautiful than a lovely bouquet of flowers?

Today is Valentines Day 2023.


And TV anchors - particularly the Black Women are sporting THEIR PINK DRESSES & Passive Aggressively ATTACKING WOMEN with their attire.

ONE MORE TIME: The General Public are NOT the ones SPEAKING IN CODE - it is TV anchors.

I am a WOMAN.

My Mother was a Woman.


How could she teach YOUR TRASHY CODE to me???



ENCORE PRESENTATION Should Rappers APOLOGIZE to WOMEN for use of the "B-Word?" Publish the Equal Rights Amendment to protect Women from Hate Speech that leads to Domestic Violence.

But honestly, it's not just words.

Words, like Propaganda shape our thoughts, attitudes & actions.

Hate Speech becomes Hate Crimes & Violence against Women.

For example, just yesterday amid all the Super Bowl goings-on, a former NFL Player was arrested at the Los Angeles Airport for Domestic Violence for assaulting his wife on board a plane. What?

God help us all.

Please Read Below & have a Happy Valentines Day.


Today will be about Chocolates & Flowers. Valentines Day. A day to express our love. How did it become a day to Passive Aggressively attack WOMEN - in particular WHITE ENGLISH-SPEAKING WOMEN???

Bullying has become a global problem. This has got to stop.

Yes, Women DO still need this Constitutional Protection from MISOGYNY.

For example, this morning one TV Reporter on one of the Stations I watch thought it would be a good idea to do a Live Remote from "Kickapoo Road."


On Valentines Day.???

Tens of people will read this Blog Post.

MILLIONS OF TV VIEWERS saw her Passive Aggressive MISOGYNISTIC attack on WOMEN.

It seems to me that people are trying to fix Racism on the backs of WOMEN,

Because they for a fact are. I see & hear garbage like this EVERY DAY.

Click the Image below for my Rose Bowl Parade Blog Post from January 2 of this year titled Emotional Intelligence & Symbolic Language. Roses

When we begin to understand that people are Individuals we don't scapegoat an entire CLASS of People based on Gender, Race or any other Physical Characteristic.

Prejudice is the phenomenon & Discrimination is the manifestation of Prejudice. Until we can eradicate Discrimination of all kinds including Racism, Sexism or Misogyny we should speak in terms of Prejudice.

Seeking Corporate Partners, Corporate Sponsors and like-minded individual investors to bring this idea to life.

Ask me how & join me here

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