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Emotional Intelligence & Symbolic Language. Roses

Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

2021 Update. I'm not a Sports Fan. As such I don't watch the Rose Bowl, the Rose Parade or anything football related for New Year's Day. I also didn't plan on Blogging today as I'm planning a Housekeeping Day of sweeping, mopping, dusting & all of that "fun, fun, very fun stuff that we all love to do."

Today's Blog post is from my Facebook Memories of what I said on this day in 2020 on the Subject of Prejudice & Discrimination in People of Color against White Women.

The Reality is that ANYONE can be Prejudice.

We see this in the rise of the new Sexist Slur "Karen."

I would encourage Black & Brown People to ask yourselves

"Am I becoming the thing I despise?"

"Am I PREJUDICE against White Women?"

Looking inside yourself for answers to questions like these is how we grow together & End PREJUDICE of ALL Kinds.


I love flowers. I love getting flowers, I love giving flowers. Flowers are an expression of love,

Yesterday was the Annual Parade of Roses in Pasadena, California prior to the Start of the Rose Bowl Football Game.

Not being a sports fan, I don't always watch the entire spectacle.

I did catch a bit of the Rose Parade this year as I knew there would be a couple notable additions to the parade participants this year: the Shriners Hospital for Children & the National Women's History Alliance, two causes near & dear to my heart.

I have no idea how Flowers, specifically ROSES became Symbolic, Coded Language for WOMEN, but I do have a story of one encounter with a casual acquaintance that highlights just how bad the sexist, misogynistic attitudes towards WOMEN has become.

During the 2018 Political Season for the Mid-Term Elections, I did a LOT of Volunteering & Campaigning for SEVERAL people running for Elected Office.

At my very first Phone Banking session for one particular Candidate, I met a fellow Volunteer, who happens to be a Lesbian.

As we made our introductions to each other, she had a large surgical bandage on her forearm, which she had a funny story about.

Well, it would have been funnier if she hadn't launched into a sexist, misogynistic ATTACK on FLOWERS.

If FLOWERS are symbolic Coded Language for WOMEN & this acquaintance is a Lesbian, I would think she would LOVE FLOWERS.

She related a story to me about changing the water in the Vase so it wouldn't get moldy, old & STINKY. As she was changing the water, somehow the Vase slipped, shattered & the broken shards of glass sliced her forearm requiring a trip to the emergency room & stitches.

She then to my face, proceeded to go on a 5-minute tirade about how she HATES FLOWERS???

Excuse me?


I like this person. I still like this person, but how can a WOMAN - a LESBIAN at that - tell this story to another WOMAN???


Now when our paths cross, I know to take her words with a grain of salt.

In my opinion, her attitudes have been shaped by the Hate Speech in Pop Culture, particularly Rap Music as seen in this Outkast Video from several years ago.

Now imagine if the reverse were true.

There would be such an outcry of Racism & White Supremacy it would be DEAFENING.

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Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

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