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HealthCARE, DACA, Global Warming. Women's History Month

Alice Austen, New York Public Library, "Newspaper Woman"

UPDATE. Health Insurance is necessarily Political. This is due to Legislative changes made by whichever Political Party is in control.

This is why our Health Insurance Coverage must be re-enrolled every 12 months & people cannot just elect to keep the same Plan they had the previous year: that Plan has very likely changed.

As a Licensed Health Insurance Agent of 14 years now, I watch these changes very closely & became politically active during the Mid-Term Elections back in 2018, Volunteering for several Candidates for Political Office.

So for the third year in a row, for Women's History Month, these are my thoughts on the Politics of Health Insurance.

Women's History isn't taught in schools & there are many more people & organizations out there who are so much further along than me on the actual history - while I have LEARNED A LOT in the short few years I've been doing this.

I tend to comment on how our History affects our Present & Future.

Welcome to Women's History Month Day 3.


Vote like your Life depends on it.

Because it does.