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Is the Over-Commercialization of "Black Friday" the New Christmas Gluttony?

My Email Inbox has been FULL OF Black Friday Sales Ads since back in July - & it's INFURIATING.

In 1965 Charles Schulz's beloved charachter Charlie Brown lamented the over-commericalization of America, but could not have known how much worse it would get.

Forget "Christmas in July, these days, it's been "Black Friday in July OVERKILL!"

I was thankful for the few Veteran's Day Sales that popped up in my Email after weeks & weeks of non-stop Black Friday advertising pleading for us to spend out hard-earn dollars, but "Holy Cow, the "Great Pumpkin" is not to blame, Charlie Brown.

.............................(interesting Side Note: my mother's brother is NAMED Charles & our FAMILY NAME is Brown. but I digress.

Today is "Small Business Saturday & while my EBook, "Yes, I'd Lke to Thank The Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" is still for Sale ($7 Digital Download available HERE & on Amazon, I'm not still actively creating Content or Promoting my Book, Blog & Website as a Business.

(What? You didn't think I should be paid for my work &/or Capitalize on the Season of GLUTINOUS -0VER-DOING-EVERYTHING? That's why YOU'RE DOING, iSN'T IT?)

So, I'm not offering any super-duper Black Friday Sales. BOGOs or Deals of any kind, nor Small Business Saturday or even Cyber Monday Sales Promotions.

But if you'd like ideas on how to just be a nice person, buy my book.

You might learn something & I sure would Thank You.

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