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Milk: It Does a Body Good. Women's Equality Day 2023. PUBLISH the ERA

Milk. It Does a Body Good

UPDATE. Originally written in 2018 for MLK Day, I cannot help but wonder if Dr King was a SEXIST, just like Frederick Douglas turned out to be.

Abolitionist Frederick Douglas was initially FOR Full Suffrage for women,, until he THEW WOMEN UNDER THE BUS, including his FRIEND Elizabeth Cady Stanton with his "What to the Slave is the 4th of July?" speech.

My Birthday is January 13, just a few days before MLK's, so there's always "fun & games" surrounding his birthday, including the Houston Chevron Marathon that frequently falls on my ACTUAL BIRTHDAY., so I guess you could say that I've been looking at this topic for just about a minute now.

This year for Women's Equality Day 2023, all of a sudden WOMEN are once again taking a backseat to Martin Luther King & John Lewis.



I don't have the answer YET, but I can guarantee that will be an area of study "in my Free Time."

I am no longer trying to run this Webpage as a BUSINESS.

Income Inequality FOR WOMEN has ALWAYS BEEN A CORNERSTONE of what I'm trying to do on this page & I am INSULTED OUT OF MY SKULL that all of a sudden MLK & John Lewis are encroaching on Women's Equality Day.

And President Biden????

He has ISSUED YET ANOTHER MEANINGLESS PROCLAMATION for Women's Equality Day like he always does for occasions that SHOULD BE HONORING WOMEN.

He never fails to miss an opportunity TO INSULT WOMEN.

Biden needs to IMMEDIATELY PUBLISH the Equal Rights Amendment for Women's Equality Day.

Please read below & if you've not yet read "Yes I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office," get it HERE now.

$7 Digital download.

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ENCORE PRESENTATION. Emotional Intelligence teaches us caring, empathy, the ability to put ourselves in someone else’ shoes and treating other INDIVIDUALS as we would like to be treated ourselves: like an INDIVIDUAL.

MLK Day observances in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday which is January 15th are today.

Dr King's teachings were of equality, inclusion, & respect for all people.

I wonder what he would say about Equal Rights for Women if he were alive today?

For one thing I'm sure he would be so very proud of Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris' History-making Inauguration as the First Female Vice President & the First Woman of Color to be Elected to the second-highest office in our land.

Her Election gives all of us hope that we can truly bridge the great divide in our Country for things like Racism, Sexism Misogyny, Prejudice & Discrimination of all kinds.

Married to a White Man, she likely knows first-hand how hard mending Race-Relations can be.

When "Righting Societal Wrongs" we cannot "Break this to Fix that."

Our Country is still burning.

All of us have an obligation to lower the temperature across the Country.

Prejudice & Discrimination has gotten so bad over the years that someone, a Black Woman, has actually coined the term "Misogynoir" referring to violent Lyrics in Black Hip-Hop Music.

The First Amendment has been front & Center since the violent, Seditious Insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th of this year. but as a Person with a Degree in Journalism & Sociology, I've been talking about the 1st Amendment FOR YEARS.

When the outgoing "President" who is BLATANTLY Racist, BLATANTLY Sexist & is a BULLY, the screams of White Supremacist & White Privilege are really hard to swallow for the rest of us who are NOT.

Remember, Laws are only needed when PEOPLE cannot or will not govern their own behavior.


Originally posted in January of 2018, I thought I would explore some of the many root causes of 20th Century Misogyny, how it happened & how we can fix it beginning with the campaign for Lactaid Milk.

PEOPLE are affected by the things we see on TV & hear on the Radio. I have included the Youtube Video to the ad campaign for Lactaid Milk on my page. How does this make you feel when you see & hear this?

Stay tuned.

$7 Digital Download

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