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On This Day January 7, 2024. Golden Globes & Still No Equal Rights Amendment

Ruth Brown Reep 1/7/1919-12/25/2010

On This Day 1/7/2024 the Golden Globe Awards jump start the Awards Season & On This Day 1/7/1919, my Grandmommy Ruth Brown Reep was born in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Not sure if I will watch the Golden Globes or not - probably not, given my long-standing opinion of the "self-congratulatory nature of Hollywood" all while destroying lives for profit.

While Houston isn't Hollywood, this place is always hoppin' in January with lots to do all around town.

We've been Host City to the College Football Playoffs with Fan Fest at the George R Brown Convention Center going on all weekend long since Friday, with the big game being played at NRG Stadium among tomorrow's forecasted thunderstorms..

Next weekend is the Houston Chevron Marathon, which always takes place on or around my Birthday which is January 13th.

If I were a paid professional comedian, I'd likely make some lame joke about the City of Houston throwing ME a BIRTHDAY PARTY on the 13th for the Marathon.

But I'm not a COMEDIAN - AMATEUR, PROFESSIONAL or otherwise.

Most days, I'm NOT LAUGHING.

WOMEN still don't have EQUAL RIGHTS under the EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT & as such the ONLY Constitutionally-guaranteed RIGHT we have is the RIGHT TO VOTE under the 19th Amendment.

The 19th Amendment was Ratified in 1920, the year after my Grandmommy was born.

The Equal Rights Amendment, introduced into Congress by Alice Paul in 1923 was RATIFIED on January 27, 2020 & IT'S PUBLICATION IS STILL BEING BLOCKED BY NOT ONE BUT TWO PRESIDENTS.

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