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Sore WINNERS are the Ultimate Poor Sports. Super Bowl Parade 2024

What should have been a happy celebration for the Kansas City Chiefs quickly eroded into the latest incident of out-of-control Gun Violence in this country.

It is the erosion of what were once our shared values - that is now our shared heartache, & it all stems from BULLYING.

Bullying has become a global epidemic.  This has got to stop.

The Entertainment Industry has CREATED A BULLY CULTURE that has given rise to your repeated acts of violence, & the same Bully Culture that allowed - in my opinion - the BIGGEST BULLY ON THE PLANET to steal the 2016 Election.

As a result of the 2016 Presidential Campaign & resulting Elections, so many of us were mortified into action that a BULLY had "won" the Presidency.  Some people ran for office, some started grassroots organizations & some like me, started small businesses to speak out against Bullying.

To solve a problem, we first need to recognize and understand why & how we got here.

When people becomes so desensitized to "Locker-room Talk," or "Trash Talk," or Shit Talk" - whatever you call it, we normalize these behaviors.

And when people go a step further to encourage or egg-on the Bully, you create a Mob-Mentality. This is what happens in Street Riots.

As a person with a Degree in Sociology, I've looked at these issues since my College days in the 1980s.

Today, I had not planned on writing a Blog Post, but current events dictated otherwise.

This page has never made me a nickle & I am broke - I literally cannot afford to keep this up.

But because the MEDIA INSISTS on "Playing the Name Game" - both good & bad & the SOLE MURDER VICTIM of the Kansas City Super Bowl Parade mass shooting is also NAMED LISA - I felt compelled to speak up once again.

Because I don't have time to sit down & do this properly, I am releasing Chapters 11 & 12 of my EBook, "Yes, I'd Like to Thank The Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" for FREE.

Yes Chapters 11 and 12
Download PDF • 1.21MB

It is written in Social Media Style & intended for a general audience - the average guy on the street - not Ivy League Professors or Ivy League Graduates.

It is intended to be reachable & accessible by EVERYONE no matter what their level of Education in order to be effective.


If anyone reading this thinks they can do a better job of this than me & would like to partner with me to Coauthor my Anti-Bullying Program - reach out.

Send me an Email .

Just please don't steal my ideas.

I have never made a dollar from this & gee whiz - go figure - I'd like to be paid for my efforts.

In the meantime, please read Chapters 11 & 12 - GRATIS.

To read the entire book, it is available here on my Webpage & on Amazon.


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