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Women's History Month Day 2

And now to show how sausage is made. It has been quite a process - still is.

"Come In & Learn Why Women Ought to Vote," a pictorial history book for Elementary-age school girls, my first product offering on Amazon Kindle in honor of Women's History Month, came about from my personal Facebook Page.

After feeling the effects of Income Inequality in the job market & having survived toxic hostility towards WOMEN in the workforce *cough, cough,* I decided to go into business for myself & take up the mantle of Women's Rights.

Having a Journalism Degree plus decades of experience in Advertising, Advertising Production & Sales, all of my experience Pre-dates the Internet.

There was no "www this" or ".dot.com that."

There was no Coding "html" or "Java Script."

And that's just for starters.

While striving to support myself in the fight for Women's Rights, I am doing this with "both arms tied behind my back" in every way imaginable.

My Website still has Bugs & doesn't function properly, so every post to Social Media (like this one) needs to be done manually. (Note: most - not all of the Bugs have been resolved.)

Lack of funding to hire a technician or pay for Advertising isn't helping the situation either.

I chose this Cover for my Freshman offering to highlight the struggle for the 19th Amendment.

Women back then depended on the Men who loved them to make the case for the passage of the 19th Amendment.

While WOMEN do enjoy Voting Rights today, we still don't have EQUAL Rights.

Thanks to the grassroots efforts of WOMEN who stepped into the Political Arena in response to what happened to Hillary Clinton in 2016, Virginia became the 38th State to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment into their State Constitution.

Now it is "wait & see" how long it will take for the National Archivist to add it to the books, paving the way for the Equal Rights Amendment to added to the US Constitution.

While the 19th Amendment did give women the right to vote, legislation granting equal rights to women is still languishing in committee in several states. This important legislation would end Gender-based discrimination against women.

This publication is dedicated to little girls everywhere to start the conversation about why Voting matters. The struggle for women to earn the right to vote was long & hard. We should cherish this right & vote in every election, every time as soon as we’re old enough to do so.

I really do think that in addition to Russian Meddling in the 2016 Elections, Bullying - including online bullying - has become such a problem in American Culture, that MISOGYNY DID play a role in what happened to Hillary Clinton.

Women's Rights, Equal Rights Socio-Political EBooks on Amazon


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