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Women's History Month Day 2

And now to show how sausage is made. It has been quite a process - still is.

"Come In & Learn Why Women Ought to Vote," a pictorial history book for Elementary-age school girls, my first product offering on Amazon Kindle in honor of Women's History Month, came about from my personal Facebook Page.

After feeling the effects of Income Inequality in the job market & having survived toxic hostility towards WOMEN in the workforce *cough, cough,* I decided to go into business for myself & take up the mantle of Women's Rights.

"Come In & Learn Why Women Ought to Vote," is the EBook I cut my teeth on.

Having a Journalism Degree plus decades of experience in Advertising, Advertising Production & Sales, all of my experience Pre-dates the Internet.

There was no "www this" or ".dot.com that."

There was no Coding "html" or "Java Script."

And that's just for starters.

While striving to support myself in the fight for Women's Rights, I am doing this with "both arms tied behind my back" in every way imaginable.

My Website still has Bugs & doesn't function properly, so every post to Soci