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Bullying Prevention Month. Vote Like Our Nation Depends On It. Election 2020

Present Traumatic Stress, or CTS, is becoming a real phenomenon as a result of the daily viscous verbal assaults from the Bully-In-Chief Donald Trump.

If you experience a Cringe-Reflex at the Sound of his Voice. If you instinctively reach for the Remote Control to hit the Mute Button or Change the Channel when he makes the News. If you find yourself shouting back at the TV any time he is on, you may be experiencing Present Traumatic Stress caused by Continuous Traumatic Situations.

So, I've been long-term Fed-up with the viciousness & Lack of Civility on TV & believe that the Revocation of the Fairness Doctrine has a lot to do with It.

I've never watched Soap Operas or Dramas & am no Sports Fan.

No Football. No Baseball. No Basketball. No Sports. Not a Fan.

Increasingly I'm finding myself asking "just what do I pay my Cable TV provider close to $100 a month for" when I hardly watch TV at all these days?

The aggression is out of control & leads to Bullying.