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Born On Friday the 13th. Got Superstitions?

I was born on Friday the 13th, so naturally I've had a life-long fascination with the question, Why is Friday the 13th Unlucky? All of Christianity is solely based on the betrayal, torture & crucifixion of Christ. Said to be the 13th man at the table of The Last Supper, he was betrayed by his closest friends & allies. There are many Theories on how the NUMBER 13 came to be viewed as unlucky. Having the dubious distinction of being born on Friday the 13th, I have been interested in this subject my entire life. History Channel "The Knights Templar & the Freemasons Some people may remember a little movie called The Davinci Codes." This was the entire basis of the movie based on the book by D

Treats Not Tricks. National Funeral Museum on FM 1960

Being a Life & Health Insurance agent who was Born on Friday the 13th, Halloween has always been a happy time of year, including study of World Funerary Customs in recent years. https://www.revolvingdoorhr.com/single-post/2018/04/17/World-Funerary-Customs Safe alternatives to Halloween Trick or Treating has sadly been a topic of discussion for years. These pictures are from 2005 about the time I was studying to get my Insurance License the following year & I never forgot this. National Funeral Museum on FM 1960 One trend that I'm liking is the Teal Pumpkin Project for children who have food allergies or otherwise can't have Candy due to a Medical Condition. Looking back on current events wi

Civility With All People. Emotional Intelligence

Loved this message from Giffords.org with Retired General Stanley McChrystal so much I thought I would officially put this in a Blog to share as far & wide as possible. As the Nation is still healing from yet another Hate Crime in our own country, these words of wisdom need to be heard by as many US VOTERS as possible. This is Emotional Intelligence. This is Common Sense. This is COURAGE. Congresswoman Gabielle Giffords PERSONIFIES the word COURAGEOUS. Surviving an Assassination attempt that nearly took her life at a Political Rally, Gabby Giffords is a SURVIVOR. Please support her efforts to bring sanity back to our city streets & CIVILITY to our Political Process. Give here, at www.Gifford

Celebrity. A Person Who Destroys Lives For Profit, Particularly at Halloween

"Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" is an unflinching look at what Electronic Communications of all kinds has done to our civilization, beginning with the #ApprenticePresident. Civility has gone right out the Window with bullying on Facebook, bullying on Twitter, bullying on Social Media platforms of all kinds. With respect to our Elected Officials, who WORK FOR "We the People" we expect them to be able to rise above the fray, to be MOTIVATED FOR THE RIGHT REASONS for doing what they do to Vote on our behalf. Many new voters don't realize that the Public is welcomed into the Voting Process once every four years for Presidential Elections & every tw

Make Gun Ownership a PRIVILEGE NOT a Right

The WORLD stands with The Tree of Life Synagogue against the terrible Hate Crime committed by a radicalized Rabid Trumpeteer who snuffed out the lives of 11 innocent souls in their place of worship on the Sabbath yesterday. This, after 7 days of terror by yet another radicalized Trump supporter who attempted to assassinate our most prominent Democratic Leaders that are outspoken critics of Trump. How did the #DividerInChief respond? With a STUNNING ATTACK ON THE VICTIMS. Just as he defended the Radicalized Mob in Charlottesville chanting "Jews will not replace us," saying that "there were some fine people on both sides," he seems to be incapable of doing the right thing EVER. Which way does

The Charismatic Great Deceiver. Is Donald Trump the AntiChrist?

UPDATE How anyone can find a Bully to be charismatic is stunning in & of itself, but apparently the mass of humanity that attends Trump rallies see no problem with his aggressive speeches. It is actually unfair to demonize political opponents, but this may be case of "if the shoe fits." All last week when a radicalized Trump supporter terrorized prominent Democratic officials including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & news organization CNN, rather than reach out & call them personally, rather than tone down his divisive rhetoric at campaign rallies, rather than trying to calm the public's fears the #ApprenticePresident chose to attack the victims from his bully pulpit. There is actually evide

Check Selections Before Casting Your Ballot

I was mortified yesterday to learn that some Straight-Party Ballots here in Texas defaulted to the wrong selection for US Senator. Channel 13 had a story about a glitch in the Voting Machines that caused this mistake. Not everyone keeps their green voting slip with their personal voting code, but for those that do, we need to find out if there is a way to Verify our selections. For those who have not yet voted, this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: check your selections - ESPECIALLY if voting Straight-Party Ticket BEFORE PRESSING THE CAST BALLOT BUTTON. The mistake can be corrected as long as you still have your choices on the screen & may require the assistance of an Election Clerk. I intend to ma

Real News, Fake President

The #ApprenticePresident who bullied his way into office is UNFIT FOR OFFICE. we need to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove a LUNATIC from the highest office in our land. "@RealDonaldTrump" is CERTIFIABLY DELUSIONAL as we can all see with our own two eyes every time that man opens his mouth. To claim that the "dishonest Media" needs to clean-up their act when in reality, they are SHOWING HIS OWN WORDS - is just STUNNING BEYOND BELIEF. Don Lemon on Donald Trump's HYPOCRISY Gov. Cuomo: This is red versus blue terrorism Anderson Cooper calls out Trump's hypocrisy on unity Related Posts HollyWeird & the Inexplicable Rise of Donald Trump The Bully-In-Chief Has ZERO Emotional Intelligence Presum

47 Reasons to Vote in the MidTerm Election

UPDATE: Racing to the Polls? Stop Racing & just Vote..Support the INDIVIDUAL CANDIDATES on the Ballot with your INDIVIDUAL VOTE. It's gonna take MILLIONS OF INDIVIDUAL VOTERS to take back the House & Senate by Voting Blue in the Mid-Term Elections. For those that have been living under a rock, Early Voting for the Mid-Term Election is underway with Record Voter-turnout. Our most basic right as US Citizens is our Right to Vote. Don't "sit this one out. That's what happened to Hillary Clinton when MILLIONS OF INDIVIDUAL VOTERS FAILED TO VOTE FOR A WOMAN for President. Now we're stuck with the #ApprenticePresident "Vote in the Mid-Term Elections & Vote like your life depends on it. Related P

Crowd Size at the Ballot Box

UPDATE. While the #ApprenticePresident with his lynch mob of bullies may have had his "crowd-size" wish granted by the Texas Gun Lobby & the NRA at his Houston Campaign Rally for Ted Cruz yesterday, we Democrats were busy outside in the streets giving him one great big giant "FU" in the nicest way possible: exercising our Right to Vote. Texans love their Guns. Even in the face of the EPIDEMIC of Gun Violence in America, the NRA still has a strong hold on the State of Texas. While the "Rabid Trumpeteers" with their collective amnesia of how the #ApprenticePresident BULLIED HIS WAY INTO OFFICE, many of them them sat there with their signs "Jobs, Not Mobs" listening to his fear-mongering vows

Vote Like Your LIFE Depends On It. I Am a HealthCARE Voter

Early Voting for the Mid-Term Elections begin today. Our most basic right as US Citizens is our Right to Vote. Don't "sit this one out." Vote in the Mid-Term Elections & Vote like your life depends on it. Say, "I am a Health CARE Voter," then do it. Vote Democratic to Save Our CARE. #BetoForSenate #LizzieFletcherForTX07 And #RitaLucidoForStateSenateDistrict17 Related Posts HealthCARE. It's My Livelihood Repeal And Replace Lyin Ted Cruz. He Does NOT Listen to US Middle America Will Remember This in the MidTerms

Repeal And Replace LYIN Ted Cruz. He Does NOT Listen to Us

The #ApprenticePresident and his lynch mob of Bullies will be rallying here in Houston on the first day of early voting, in a desperate attempt to help #LyinTedCruz hold on to his US Senate Seat – not if Texas Democrats have anything to say about it. Senator Cruz has the unmitigated GALL to air a new Ad claiming that "He LISTENS to us." Does he believe his own LIES??? When the #ApprenticePresident managed to bully his way into office vowing to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE," that motivated me into action to get off the sidelines & do everything humanly possible to #SaveOurCARE. I called Ted Cruz. I Emailed Ted Cruz. I participated in online Senate Testimony.on Facebook during the Senate Financ

Standing With Candidates Outside My District

Of course the Governor's position is State-wide & everyone's District. We do however, have two long-standing ICONIC Houston-area Representatives who are up for Re-Election & need our help to keep their seats. These people have a long history of High Ethical & Moral Standards as well as the Dignified & Civilized behavior that holding positions of Elected Public Office DEMANDS. The #ApprenticePresident will be here on the first day of #EarlyVoting on Monday, steam-rolling in on his #BullyTrain that enabled him to Bully his way into office. He continues to speak of DIGNITY during his Campaign Rallies - a word that should not even be in his vocabulary & one that he has NO RIGHT TO UTTER - EVER.

MidTerm Election Early Voting Begins Monday

Early Voting for the MidTerm Election begins Monday October 22 - November 2. So much is at stake, including #ObamaCARE #Medicare #Medicaid & #CHIP Make a plan now to get to the Polls & "bring your Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Husband, Wife & everyone you know with you." I did quite a bit of work during the March Primaries, beginning with my friend & yours, Penny Shaw. Penny is a real go-getter, with so much energy, compassion & motivation to do what is right for the people of Harris County. The 2016 Election was so motivating for so many of us who were spurred into action by STUNNED DISBELIEF of what had just happened, I got off the sidelines & began looking for where I

Separation of Church & State. Checks & Balances on US Government and Paid Political Advertis

UPDATE: Russian Interference in our Electoral Process has nothing on the Election tampering on TBN. If Christian TV INSISTS ON PLAYING POLITICS, we should DEMAND that they PAY TAXES. While it seems that the words "Separation of Church & State" don't appear anywhere in the Constitution, there are Legal Precedents that have been interpreted by the Supreme Court to that effect. There are, however, laws governing Paid Political Advertising. Federal Elections Commission It seems to me that Christian TV is one great big giant Paid Political Ad, Donald Trump being interviewed on Christian TV by Mike Huckabee IS NOT Separation of Church & State. Trump's Bully Pulpit is poised to reach out from

Understanding Health Insurance Toolkit

UPDATE These pages are still under construction due to my grassroots efforts in the Mid-term Elections to put my money (or lack there of) where my mouth is. I am serious when I say #RepealTedCruz #ReplaceJohnyCornyn #ImpeachDonaldTrump & that #AmericaLetHillaryClintonDown The NIGHTMARE in Washington affects me both professionally & personally and I could not be more furious. #TexasBlueWave Related Posts PreExisting Conditions. Putting the CARING Back in Health CARE Lifetime Limits on MediCARE Part A. Why We Need Socialized Medicine & How to Pay For It Separation of Church & State. Is it Time for Churches to Pay TAXES? Amen GIRLS Middle America Will Remember This in the Mid-Terms *******

Tort Reform in Medical Malpractice Suits Will Fix Rising Premiums

UPDATE. As the Grandmother of a child who was almost killed by his doctors & as an Insurance Professional who does this for a living, I have more than a couple of opinions on providing Health CARE to the American People. Peak Enrollment Season for all kinds of coverage is upon us as is the start of Early Voting next week. (Infuriating that the #ApprenticePresident has picked Oct 22nd to hold a Cruz Campaign Rally on the first day of Early Voting in Texas. We need to respond by flooding the Ballot Boxes with votes for our Democratic Candidates on that day in a great big giant "FU.") The rise of "Consumer-Driven Benefits, CDB," is a Philosophy of Health Care Coverage - that most people don'


The Mid-Term Election is right around the corner. The biggest part of the National Debate over Health CARE is how to pay for it. The Federal Budget has enough funding NOW to provide Health CARE for ALL US Citizens. It is a question of values & priorities. https://www.revolvingdoorhr.com/single-post/2018/09/07/Middle-America-Will-Remember-This-in-the-Mid-terms My only Grandchild has a PreExisting Condition: all but 15% of his Intestines were SURGICALLY REMOVED DUE TO MEDICAL MALPRACTICE. He was maimed for life by his Physicians & this is how he gets the bulk of his nutrition. He loves food & can eat food like the rest of us, but it doesn't stay in his system long enough for proper dige


Yesterday, I asked for an "Amen GIRLS." Well, here it is. MISOGYNY in the Church has been from the beginning in Genesis 3, & I for one HAVE HAD IT. "They" say Religion & Politics are two subjects people shouldn't talk about. Well, look at what silence has gotten us - look what "They" are doing Does this look like Separation of Church & State - or more like a BULLY PULPIT? This is OUTRAGEOUS & INFURIATING. Who needs Russian meddeling in our Elections when we have The Church using their MASSIVE platform to call the shots? Separation of Church & State. Is It Time for Churches to Pay TAXES? Tax Dollar Allocation. It's WHY We Vote With respect to the Bible, do you realize that "The Word of God

Separation of Church & State. Is it Time for Churches to Pay Their Fair Share of TAXES?

I've been thinking along these lines for a very long time now. Last night, I forgot to set the sleep timer on my TV & was jolted awake at 3am by some Televangelist encouraging Sacrificial Giving by Credit Card, telling people not to worry about incurring Credit Card Debit - that God would amplify their gift. WHAT??? My reaction? Where is my Remote Control. Turn that shit off - & give it one of these Last Saturday, while Republicans were busy ramming a questionable pick for the Supreme Court down the throats of the American people, my church I was Baptized in was giving Holy Communion at the Capital One Arena in Washington DC "washing away the SINS OF CORRUPT POLITICIANS." https://www.revol

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