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1984. Backwards From the Beginning. NUMBERS Matter. Women's Suffrage Centennial

UPDATE. Women's History Month Day 8. Today is also International Women's Day. Prior to attending the Alley theater's Production of "1984" as I posted yesterday, this has been my August 4th post for the last 3 years. This poor post has been Updated & Updated again & Updated some more until I am blue in the face posting about the sheer hatred of Women being Broadcast on the Big Brother Channel also known as CBS.

THIS is exactly WHY WOMEN DO STILL NEED measures like the Equal Rights Amendment to protect us from Hate of all kinds including Hate Speech.

The "Reality Show" Big Brother is having their 2020 Season Opener tonight on CBS.

I will NOT be watching.

As you will read below, the great irony of this on a personal level is that as a College Kid 30 years ago, I read "1984" in the year 1984 for English Lit.

It is no wonder that these United States cannot Elect our 1st Female President in US History with CBS SLANDERING WOMEN AS A CLASS OF PEOPLE.

Their SEXISM needs to be called out for what it is.

Speaking of yesterday's Events for August 4th, these States held their Primary Elections: Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri & Washington.

I cannot help but wonder what SEXIST ASSHOLES in these States Scheduled the TIMING of their Votes & how many Female Candidates managed to win their Primaries despite the BLATANT SEXIST ATTACK ON WOMEN?

Please Read Below: