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Publish ERA for March Madness BC Women are FURIOUS About the Final Four

ENCORE PRESENTATION. Sexism & Misogyny in a Patriarchal Society are not limited to just Music & Movies in the Entertainment Industry - Sports Entertainment is an entire Industry behemoth unto itself that attacks Women as much as Hollywood..

For instance, why schedule "March Madness" in the middle of WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH???

Then there's the "Final Four" for Men's Basketball. Well, ok...that's MEN'S BASKETBALL. What pray tell does that have to do with WOMEN???

Once again, I don't really have time to be doing this - FOR FREE.

Here is a Link to my Blog Category for Unsportman-like Behavior. for things I've already written on the Subject of Sexism in Sports.

There are a couple Posts missing, most notably my "Blob-Fish Post" from 2018 when Jimmy Kimmel brought his not-funny Comedy to Texas Southern University for the Final Four - in an Election Year for the local Mid-Term Elections.

I WILL be digging that one out at some point & properly tagging it in this Category.

Stay Tuned.....

Note - found it. I forgot Texas Senator Ted Cruz was involved in this STUNNING DISGRACE at Texas Southern University....wait for it, a HBCU.

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