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We ARE a Pre-Existing Condition Due to Medical Malpractice

We ARE a Pre-Existing Condition

My only Grandson had a procedure to open his intestines when he was 3 days old back in 2015 because he was unable to have a poopie diaper on his own. Three months after happily going home to a loving family, he got sick again.

His pediatrician, instead of saying to herself, “This child has already had a surgical procedure, let’s admit him & do some tests,” diagnosed him with Lactose Intolerance. She then spent a couple weeks trying to alter the chemical composition of my daughter’s breast milk because the Pediatrician thought he was having allergic reactions to food in his mother’s diet.


The main thing stopping us from suing the Pediatrician is that WHEN we get awarded a settlement, Medicaid would come after us for re-payment.

This woman nearly killed my Grandson. If this isn’t Medical Malpractice I don’t know what is.

This was preventable & did not have to happen. We ARE a Pre-existing condition FOR LIFE.


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