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Texas-sized THANK YOU Little Lobbyists <3

Little Lobbyists is a Political Action Group, born of necessity when they found themselves parents of Medically fragile children - just like me.

I'm not sure how I found them on Twitter, likely because I follow the Oley Foundation but I thank God that I did. <3

They have immediately mobilized a coalition of similar Political Action Groups with an interest in saving Medicare, saving Medicaid, saving Obamacare to send Life-Saving Medical supplies to Medically Fragile children for #HurricaneHarveyRelief.

This is my heartfelt thanks to them on Social Media this morning. <3

"Thank God I found you on Twitter. My Grandson Solomon had his intestines surgically removed at 3 months old and depends on TPN for his survival. While we didn't flood, his Medical Provider, Optum Care DID. Yesterday, Elissa (my daughter) did receive a delivery shipped in from Dallas, but I can't THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR doing this! <3"

#LittleLobbyists, #SaveOurCare, #IamAHealthCareVoter, #HurricaneHarveyRelief,

#LittleLobbyists, #SaveOurCare, #IamAHealthCareVoter, #HurricaneHarveyRelief

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