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"Taking the Dis Out of Disability with Emotional Intelligence." Because Every Life is a

I was first sponsored by a Life Insurance Company to get into the Insurance industry in 2006 for very personal reasons: saving the life of a family member. I had learned so much from the patient side, I thought “Why not get licensed?” I have been going BANKRUPT trying to do this ever since.

Taking the Dis Out of Disability

When my sponsor packed his things & left Houston, I thought “Medicare – that’s what I will do. Medicare.” So I spent five years starving to death trying to do Medicare at a Private Insurance Company with a government contract to provide Medicare coverage to senior citizens.


Agents get solicited for recruitment all the time. Before long, I was recruited by a private insurance company that does Employee Benefits, so I thought, "Ok, there's not a lot of caring in Medicare, let's try this."

I have signed on to do employee Benefits Counseling again this year, but honestly I am SO DESPERATE to get out of Insurance it just is NOT FUNNY. I am going broke trying to do this for a living. Read more at www.revolvingdoorhr.com/employeeretentionandteambuilding

“Putting the Caring Back in Health Care” Isn’t just a signature for my email address, it’s a way of life for me – always has been, still is: at least from the patient-side.

My inspiration for trying to start this little business at www.RevolvingDoorHR.com is my more than a decade of experience trying to provide CARE to others.

What has occurred to is that the entire Medical Community all the way down to the Health Insurance Industry is a HUGE part of the problem in the way they speak, in the way they teach & the way they “lead by example” – an example of WHAT NOT TO DO.

Medicare & the Private Insurance Companies that offer Medicare coverage had the opportunity to teach the public about the benefits offered by the various Plans available by COMMUNICATING it the right way: they chose the WRONG WAY.

EXAMPLE: The Medi/Meds.

Insured that are both over the age of 65 AND Low Income are eligible for both Medicare & Medicaid.

Some of my early teachers made a valiant effort to coin the term “Medi/Med”

Industry-wide, the bad decision was made to refer to this class of insureds by the much more aggressive, obnoxious & adversarial term “Dual Eligibles,” Then came the advertising – OMG.

Many of these companies took “dueling” to an all-time-low in their Enrollment Kits, in their printed material, in their Advertising Campaigns that actually PICTURED BOXERS IN A BOXING MATCH – “dueling!!!”

Teaching it WRONG.


Starting FIGHTS in the Medical Community.

OMG. OMG. OMG – How fast can I RUN???

And the Medi/Meds? What happened to those of us who preferred the more EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT term Medi/Meds???

I can only speaking for myself, but I got the brilliant idea to try Employee Benefits Counseling.

Ahhhh – “I’m safe from the DUEL ELIGIBLES” “No more Medicare PART A, PART B, PART C & all this PART, PART, PARTING all over the place.

My experience there with Medicare Advantage Plans, Medi-Gap coverage & Medicare Supplements did give me solid foundation & deep understanding of Voluntary Benefits in the world of Employee Benefits that I was now entering.

The world of Cancer Plans & Critical Illness Plans. Long & Short Term Disability Plans that protect people from BANKRUPTCY in the event of a Medical catastrophe. These Voluntary Employee Benefits function the same as Medicare Supplements to help pay Co-Pays & Deductibles until the Major Medical Plan begins to cover expenses.

Enter the CANCER people & their Advertising.

EXAMPLE: MD Anderson Cancer Hospital: FIGHTING CANCER.

In my humble opinion, the Medical Community has an OBLIGATION to calm fears & not panic the public when their patients have just been handed a Death Sentence: CANCER.