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Health Care Funding for AMERICANS???

#CalltheSenate2022243121, The Republican Tax Reform Bill was outrageous enough before sneaking in language to "Repeal & Replace Obamacare" again. Senate Democrats thankfully DO get paid to watch out for our best interests & got the word out that, again we needed to call, email send out smoke signals or contact our local elected officials in any way we can to protect ourselves

Here is a REAL SOLUTION to the Healthcare Funding Dilemma that I posted here earlier this year:

On This Day: October 3, 2013 at 7:11am from my personal Facebook Page. I have posted a REAL solution to the question for healthcare care funding here in the US in my piece below. FYI - I am collecting Information on this year's Budget Proposal for the 2018 Fiscal Budget. Same theory applies on how to spend Taxpayer Dollars in this country.

US Foreign Aid for Healthcare

Yesterday on World News there was a piece about Medical Missions to Ethiopia. Well, that's nice.


Did you know we have poor families & children in this country??? It is actually the cause of the Government impasse & the resulting shutdown of our Government that this country is facing.


My question is this: What is the Good Doctor's funding source?


If he is self-f