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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Didn't see any of SNL Saturday night, as 2017 has been so frustrating, infuriating & exhausting I tend to pass out early most nights.

Enter YouTube.

Thank You YouTube, Thank You SNL for the Gift of Comedic Relief for those of us who can't stop crying. 2017 has been a Satirical Gift for NBC who created #theApprenticePresident in the first place.

How ironic that one of the biggest critics of #theApprenticePresident is the very network that created him?

The 2017 SNL cast of characters have become INSTANTLY ICONIC.

Meanwhile, back in the Real White House, we have a FAKE PRESIDENT bending-over backwards to give a gift to his billionaire friends with his infuriating Tax Bill. This disastrous plan has already cost me & millions of other Americans like me our Health Insurance.

Can we IMPEACH this guy already???


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