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Apple Lisa "com-Puters" & the Technological Revolution

Technology is supposed to improve our lives, make our lives better. Most days my computer gives me a headache - because of a NAME. Steve Jobs named his 1st Personal Computer for his daughter, Lisa Brennan Jobs, & I've been about the heave my PC out the window ever since.

Apple Lisa Computer

Advances in technology have put a computer in everyone's pocket in the form of an iPhone. Is it a phone? Is it a COMPUTER. Or is it both???

So what's in a NAME?

Do you put the emphasis on "com" or "puter?"

Coded symbolic language is what has the entire world pissed off. Try using the computer in the office - any office - & watch your co-workers orbit the moon.

The problem with coded symbolic language is that some genius decided to base it on Freudian Psychology. This is so upsetting to 100% of everyone, I have devoted an entire page to this subject & is the basis of the ideas presented in my book.

Anyone "think" they have a shitty NAME??? Here's a COMPUTER with MY NAME on it.

How do we as a people STOP THIS???

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