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Mi Casa es Su Casa??? Orange is the New Black???

Sorry to point out that these translations might be a problem & another piece of the puzzle WHY this country FAILED to make history by electing our 1st Female President.

As “one of the Good White English Speaker” (one of the good ones? What does that even mean???)

I have a long history of helping to smooth over those race relations in the way I live my life, yet I face BACKLASH from people that I love. Some of them are so insulted by those translations, they think it’s OK to hurt MY FEELINGS on a daily basis. It’s awful.

I have spent YEARS working in the Hispanic Commun ity - & my friends both old & new still see me as "that white English-Speaking WOMAN." It's like beating my head against a wall.

Here is my Google page for when I worked for the Spanish Yellow Pages, Seccion Amarilla

As a non-Bilingual English-speaking only WHITE WOMEN who CARES about helping others, tell me THIS wasn't a HARD - & THANKLESS JOB.

Yes, "reverse discrimination" is a PROBLEM.

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