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Information Warfare

Yesterday's indictments by the Mueller investigative team at the FBI confirmed what we already knew: Russian meddling cost Hillary Clinton the Election.

Many words have been used to describe this kind of tactic: Propaganda, Conspiracy, Collusion - & what is this word "collusion" anyway? Has conspiracy become so over-used that people are now referring to it as "collusion?"

Whatever you call it, it boils down to out-right Character Assassination against Hillary Clinton. I am so furious on her behalf, I could just chew nails.

All Journalism Majors are REQUIRED to take Libel Law in college. What the #FakePresident keeps referring to as #FakeNews is actually LIBELOUS SLANDER.

Libel is slanderous language that harms a person's reputation, with a "reckless disregard for the truth. Reckless Disregard is defined as failure to check facts or speech that is knowingly false

The three elements that must exist for Libel or Slander to occur are:

1. Is it False?

2. Is it circulated?