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Little Lobbyist Alyssa Milano in the House with Laura Moser for Congress

Yesterday, I took time out from working & volunteering for my two main candidates I've been supporting to attend an event as a Voting Citizen.

Of all of the critically important issues at stake in the Mid-Term Election, there is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN HEALTHCARE.

Long-time activist & Hollywood Actress Alyssa Milano was in town in support of Laura Moser for Congress, whose district I actually live in. Alyssa Milano Biography

My daughter Elissa is Mom to one of the Little Lobbyists, a Political Action Group started by Elena Hung, Laura Lebrun-Hatcher & Michelle Morrison in support & advocacy of their Medically Fragile Children, like my grandson Solomon.

I am forever grateful for the herculean effort to mobile supplies for the children of the Texas Gulf Coast made by Laura & Elena during Hurricane Harvey when Solomon's Medical Supply Provider flooded.

Little Lobbyists put out the call for families across the country to provide personal testimony during every Senate Hearing on Obamacare, Health Care, Medicaid & C.H.I.P. that I participated in on Facebook & by calling & writing Ted Cruz, John Cornyn & John Culberson all during 2017:

Recently, Elena Hung announced on Facebook & Twitter that she along with Alyssa Milano along with four others would serve as Co-Chairs of another group I belong to, the Health Care Voters:

When I saw on Facebook that Alyssa Milano was supporting Laura Moser for Congress, I made the decision right then & there that I HAD TO BE THERE.

The life of my Grandson son & all of the Medically Fragile Children who depend on C.H.I.P. is THE REASON I do what I do.

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