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Life Happens

At this critically important time in Texas Early Voting, I may need to sideline myself to babysit my Grandson. For the past 12 months, my daughter has had a 1 bedroom apartment down the street from me & has been in the process of moving to a larger place where Solomon can have a room of his own. Hopefully she can finish everything today & I can be back out there tomorrow or Thursday.

Beginning my Insurance Career in the world of Medicare & Medicaid in 2006, I have spent the past 5-6 years as an Employee Benefits Counselor, guiding individual employees to make the best choices to protect their families from potentially bankrupting medical events or a death in the family.

While covering the Life & Health needs of others, I have never been so personally affected by this as now.

When I would sit down one-on-one with each employee, I would ask them what their primary coverage needs are & then listen to what they tell me. Do they have a greater need for coverage or is saving money more important to them?

The companies I work for provide supplements. We do enroll Major Medical, but our bread & butter is in the supplements: Hospital Supplements, Cancer Plans, coverage for Critical Illness, & Disability Income Replacement that protects your paycheck if you get sick or hurt & cannot work.

One of my favorite plans to offer is Accident Coverage.


Because accidents can happen to anyone at anytime regardless of age, sickness or health.

This is why I do what I do.

I nearly fell out of my chair when this country enabled a Cartoon Character (aka the "Real Donald Trump") that is hell-bent on destroying our Health Care System.

Happy to join forces with like-minded individuals who think that health care should be a right.

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