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State of the Union: When We Cut Off Our Nose to Spite Our Face

the biggest bully on the planet goes to Washington. RDHR seeks to change that. Hillary Clinton was the only Presidential Candidate who would have taken care of EVERY SOCIAL ISSUE we now face: Healthcare, Immigration, Dreamers, Border Walls, Environment. None of these urgent issues would have been a problem had this country made HISTORY by electing our 1st Female president.

State of the Union: When We Cut Off Our Nose to Spite Our Face

Our Nation's Capitol is in WASHINGTON & I continue to hear highly intelligent people being stunningly stupid in the way they speak.

Do we really need a "CLEAN DREAM ACT??? How about a "CLEAN C.H.I.P." Bill???

Why use the word "clean?" Is it BECAUSE our capitol is in WASHINGTON?

Why do our leaders continue to speak this way when voters getting their nose out of joint over Language & Communication is the problem to begin with???

I think a more telling NUMBER is voter demographics in how people voted in 2016 would be a State by State analysis of the NUMBER of Registered Voters who failed to vote, who stayed home & did not vote at all. I would like to see THOSE NUMBERS.

All during the 2016 Campaigns, we as a people watched Hillary Clinton being bullied within an inch of her life & in the end, the bully won.

How does this make any sense???

It doesn't.

When Hillary won the Presidential Primary to Represent my party - our party - the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders made a valiant effort to rally his supporters to get behind our party's nominee.

Tribal mentality once again took over & divided, rather than unite us.

Does it matter if the Candidate is Christian or Muslim or Jewish???

Our Party had ONE JOB: to unite that Party & back our Party's Candidate to stop Trump - which they DID DO. Which Bernie Sanders himself DID DO.

It is the PEOPLE - all of the PEOPLE WITH THEIR NOSE OUT OF JOINT who failed to vote that enabled a BULLY to be elected.

When we learn to live, walk, talk & speak with Emotional Intelligence, we treat PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS we don't vote or fail to vote for superficial reasons & we don't elect the #ApprenticePresident.

We learn to treat INDIVIDUALS with RESPECT.

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