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  • lisaannettestanley

Name Calling on TV

With Facebook in the hot seat over the many issues that affected the 2016 election, I continue to ask "What about broadcast?" For the people who did actively vote for the #ApprenticePresident much of it can be attributed to Living Vicariously through the lives of "actors" * Name Recognition.

When the voting public votes for Superficial Reason, such as Name Recognition, I will stand here in this moment & say #AmericaLetHillaryClintonDown & now we're stuck with the #ApprenticePresident

Unless we can successfully invoke the 25th Amendment regarding Presidential Fitness for Office.

This begs the question "What is REAL & what is Delusional Thought?"

When people live vicariously through the lives of TV characters, you need to question their sanity.

25th Amendment to the United States Constitution: