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Deescalation Training, Dispute Resolution & Non-Retaliation. Chapter 12

Scapegoating DPD is the main topic in Chapter 12 of "Yes." Innocent of ANY Police Brutality in the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement, the loss of life in the Dallas Police Department was STUNNING.

Waking up this morning & checking my "On This Day Ap" this was the dominant conversation in 2016.

Street Riots across the country in response to Racial Profiling & Police Brutality against young Black Men had this country lit up like a tinderbox.

Sadly, Racial Profiling IS a thing & was a major inspiration for writing this book at this time.

People taking their frustrations out on Individuals that had been SCAPEGOATED by an enraged public.

I remember what I was thinking two years ago when this was happening. This photo I took one day on my lunch hour while working for Dignity Memorial was very indicative of what I was feeling:

My only Grandchild had just been born.

I had just met his other Grandfather - a RETIRED COP.

What if his grandfather had some bitter, angry member of the public take open season on HIM??? What if my grandchild was robbed of getting to know his grandfather because he had been on the receiving end of Retaliation?

Thankfully, he had a long career & is now retired.

Hopefully, he isn't sitting around watching TV saying to himself,

"Well, I used to be a Cop, now I play one on TV."

March For Our Lives is holding a peaceful protest today. I'm so proud of the way Houstonians show they can demonstrate without the rioting we've seen in other places, but I doubt I will attend, except in spirit.

God only knows when Houston will become the next Dallas.

Read excerpt from Chapter 12. Deescalation Training, Dispute Resolution & Non-Retaliation here

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