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The Balance Between Rights & Privledge

Right of Assembly was front & center yesterday as March For Our Lives in support of the Parkland High School shooting survivors faced Counter-Protester NRA Advocates at City Hall.

2nd Amendment Gun Control

We need to introduce a Bill modifying the 2nd Amendment, making gun ownership a PRIVILEGE - NOT A RIGHT, much like driving a car.

People don't have a right to drive a car.

It is a privilege.

There are many Amendments to our Constitution including the never ending battle to keep Roe/VS/Wade that women have endured since the early 1960’s with respect to the constitutionality of legalized abortion - that the current administration is poised to take another swing at THIS YEAR.

The HYPOCRISY is stunning.

Republicans don't think a WOMAN has a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to her own body, her own healthcare & are trying to alter the Constitution to that effect in the Supreme Court, yet fiercely defend the Right(???) to own & bear arms.


I was a Poll Worker for the Texas Democratic Primary this year. The shenanigans at my location were at times over the top.

I had ocassion to meet Republican Candidate Dan Crenshaw, a retired Navy Seal & did I have a few questions for him.

This guy came rolling down Chimney Rock in a Military Humvee - not the commercially-available Hummer or even an H2.

I had a friend & neighbor I've known for 20 years MURDERED by her US Navy Seal husband just months before the Primaries.

Here is what I wrote at that time:

2nd Amendment Gun Control

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