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Happy Birthday Revolving Door HR. Honoring the 19th Amendment for Women's Equality Day

On This Day August 26, 2018 in honor of Women's Equality Day, the Revolving Door HR opened for business. It's 100% of the reason I'm here. Women still struggle for Income Inequality, dignity and R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Women's Equality Day Honoring the Right to Vote

The Apotheosis of Suffrage, is a 1896 Political spoof of Constantine Brumedi's Apotheosis of Washington that graces the Capitol Rutunda in Washington DC.

Taken from the the original Apotheosis of Washington that depicts George Washington as an Angel, this anti-suffragist cartoon MOCKS Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony for their tireless efforts to win Equal Rights for Women.

Apotheosis of George Washington

Yesterday Senator John McCain, a true American hero got his Angel Wings.

Immediately following the announcement of McCain's death, Democratic Senator Charles Schummer announced his intent to introduce a Bill, Renaming the Russel Senate Building in our Nation's Capitol for Senator John McCain.

This is Bi-Partisan Spirit.

God Bless Senator McCain & Happy Birthday Revolving Door HR.

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Women's Equality Day

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