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De-Bunking Freudian Psychology

There have GOT TO BE people wayyyyyyyy smarter than me out there that can figure this out. I didn't go to Stanford or Harvard or Yale yet I seem to be the only one with the guts to stand up & say that Sigmund Freud was a QUACK.

De-Bunking Freudian Psychology

Bullying has become a global epidemic. This has got to stop.

Being raised culturally aware among the 1st generation of American School Children in the 1960s & 1970s to attend Racially Integrated Schools & continuing my beliefs while earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, it is astounding to me at how hostile, toxic & anti-social our world has become.

The Big Idea on how to do this has a simple solution - undoing a century’s-worth of damaged caused by Freudian Psychology, who by the way happens to be a man.

As a Feminist, I am watching the world trying to fix racism (which by the way IS a problem) with MISOGYNY. I would point to the 2016 Election of validation of this FACT when millions of Eligible Voters Failed to vote for Hillary Clinton because of her NAME.

To solve a problem, we need to first recognize & understand why & how we got here.

Sigmund Freud was not the only great 20th Century Social Thinker, yet his theories that human behavior is based on Sex & Toilet Training are widely accepted.

Schools of Thought Other Than Freud

Freud's theories are used industry-wide in communication by the Broadcast & Entertainment Industry in TV, Radio, Movies & informing the public on the nightly News.

Case in point: THIS is what's got the bee under my bonnet this morning

Equally as awful, I didn't hear one commentator - not one, object to the #ApprenticePresident speaking this way. These highly-educated broadcasters who likely attended Ivy-League schools & have an educational pedigree a mile long continued the narrative as if this is OK.

Can I tell you THIS IS NOT OK???

This in turn is causing adults to behave like 3-year-olds in their interaction with others. Human beings, men & women engage in more than two activities, namely having sex or going to the bathroom.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Washington, D.C. has just designated Bullying as a Health Crisis, both on the part of the bully & the bullying victim.

When the American public has become so desensitized to name-calling & other bullying-type behaviors that this country can elect the biggest bully on the planet as our Commander-In-Chief, we can say this is true.

Learning to view people as Individuals in a group setting by Communicating with Emotional Intelligence can have a broad impact on interacting respectfully with others. This theory first coined by Daniel Goleman has been expanded upon by others to the point that some are calling it EQ. Others refer to it as Social Emotional Learning.

As a Sociologist, I believe these theories are on the right track but don’t go far enough to get to the root of the problem & how to fix it.

The simple solution is to stand up & say that the Theories of Sigmund Freud were wrong.

BTW - I am still seeking Corporate Sponsors, Corporate Partners or Investments of any size to help bring this idea to life.

Click the image below or Email me RevolvingDoorHR@gmail.com for Inquiries or to make an Investment in this Critical Mission to bring Civility back to Civilization.

Yes, I Will Help Fund This Critical M ission

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