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Check Selections Before Casting Your Ballot

Check Selections Before Casting Your Ballot

I was mortified yesterday to learn that some Straight-Party Ballots here in Texas defaulted to the wrong selection for US Senator. Channel 13 had a story about a glitch in the Voting Machines that caused this mistake.

Not everyone keeps their green voting slip with their personal voting code, but for those that do, we need to find out if there is a way to Verify our selections.

For those who have not yet voted, this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: check your selections - ESPECIALLY if voting Straight-Party Ticket BEFORE PRESSING THE CAST BALLOT BUTTON. The mistake can be corrected as long as you still have your choices on the screen & may require the assistance of an Election Clerk.

I intend to make a couple calls today to find out if it is even possible to track individual votes with our Green Slip, beginning with the County Clerk & Secretary of State if necessary.

This Election is too important to leave anything to chance.

Check your Vote.

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