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Balance of Power Restored in Washington. CONGRATULATIONS Lizzie Fletcher

So HAPPY for Lizzie Fletcher & so sad for Beto this morning. Yesterday's MidTerm Elections were a mixed bag for Texans.

This was the last election that Texans could vote a straight-party ticket, so going forward, I would expect to see this kind of mixed-bag results.

Legislation begins in the Congress & protects Citizens from the rise of a dictator, so the fact that Lizzie has managed to turn Texas' 7th Congressional District BLUE is a MASSIVE WIN for all of us that live here.

There are so many critical issues facing this country, including Healthcare - my #1 legislative issue that I care about.

As you begin this important journey, remember to keep an eye on Abbot, Paxton & Cruz who are leading the way to DESTROY our HealthCARE system. (I can't stop crying this morning. I turned off the TV shortly after hearing that Greg Abbot managed to re-elected.)


Congratulations Lizzie! :) :) :) :)

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