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1st Amendment. ABC Disney's Major Tom Channel: Normalizing Obscenity

UPDATE. While Nicolas Roeg who died this weekend may not have been a household name, David Bowie was. Now is the time to push for Ethics Reform in the Broadcast Industry. TV & Radio Stations must apply for a Broadcast License with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.)


Below is what I wrote on January 5 of this year. THIS is what's wrong with our society.

Stunning that ABC Disney ended Good Morning America with a pending documentary about David Bowie, with a mention to "The Man Who Fell to Earth."

With the outcry in Hollywood over Harvey Weinstein & #ABCDisneysFakeShock over the #RapeCulture THEY HAVE CREATED on "The Bachelor," I will stand here in this moment & once again call out #MickeyRat & the #RatChannelABC for the irresponsible corporate citizens that they are.

David Bowie was NO HERO - he was a VILLAIN.

"The Man Who Fell to Earth" is filthy disgusting SLASHER-PORN with Full Frontal Nudity of David Bowie's shriveled up-disease-ridden DEADLY PENIS while he is playing with a GUN:

SLASHER PORN depicting Rape & Murder.

Since 1968, "Major Tom" has been singing about "something being wrong with dead people."