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My Birthday Wish. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Champion of Women's Rights Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a dream: a dream of Equality for all people including women. She has made it her life's work due to being discriminated against as a young Law School Graduate SOLELY BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN.

Recognizing that FAIRNESS is a primary tenant of Equality, early in her career she won a case for Social Security Widower’s Benefits for a young man whose wife died in child birth. He had been denied his wife’s death benefit enabling him to be a stay at home father to raise their new born baby. Ginsberg successfully represented him before the Supreme Court prior to her becoming a Supreme Court Justice herself.

Ginsberg exemplifies the word FAIR.

People are individuals, yet we Americans seem to be incapable of being fair. We form impressions based on appearances like gender, race, hair color, etc that are anything but fair.

This year, I will be sitting out the Women’s March. It began as a spontaneous peaceful protest over a womanizing-bully gaining access to the White House following the 2016 Election.

For me, it was less of a question of who is the Democratic Candidate or who is the Republican Candidate, but a question of what was the right thing to do?

Politics have become so polarizing that people of color refused to vote for a white woman & that’s the sad fact of the matter. Republicans are incapable of having a civilized conversation with a Democrat & so on.