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Numbers Matter.  How Long Has This Been Going On?

UPDATE: In 2011 I met a couple of dear friends who are Bilingual. Most days, I'm doing good to learn to speak English. One day, in a roomful of people, somebody's CHAIR SQUEAKED & 100% of everyone turned around to glare at the only white-English WOMAN in the meeting, as if to settle the question "Who farted?" This is now 2019. It's been a very long time to settle this question over a NON-EVENT.

The Squeaky Chair Symphony

This same scenario plays out in thousands of offices with millions of people everyday..

This business, this page, this idea is NOT about these dear friends.

I got my Health Insurance License in 2006. Can I tell you there is NOTHING WORSE THAN A ROOMFUL OF MEDICARE AGENTS?

Consider Medicare PART A. Medicare PART B. Medicare PART C. Medicare PART D.







STOP RACING. Learn to treat PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS. Learn to Speak with Emotional Intelligence.

Get "Yes, Id Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" here

UPDATE. April 13 is on Friday this year: Friday the 13th. I was taught in algebra that "a negative times a negative equals a positive." I am still wondering when this will be Lucky 13?

Being born on Friday the 13, I gotta ask is it Luck or is it the willful acts of man? Pretty sure the willful acts of men have nothing to do with LUCK.


Easter is on April 1st this year. Income Inequality for women & what happened to me in 2016 is the inspiration for Revolving Door HR. Seeing the turmoil in the Insurance Industry first hand with repeated attempts to "Repeal & Replace Obamacare," I decided to go back to my roots in Advertising which I have a degree in.

OMG - what a nightmare 2016 was.

Below is something I wrote back in January to reflect how MISOGYNY in the workplace hurts women.


When we learn to communicate with Emotional Intelligence, we don't insult others right to their face. This is what I'm saying when I speak of Media Manipulation of images.. We cannot blame the victim, holding INDIVIDUALS ACCOUNTABLE for the actions of others. How are WOMEN to blame for all of those insulting NUMBERS???

Nobody I know had ever acted this way

Communicated this way

Spoken this way

yet here I am facing NUMBERS-BASED MISOGYNY. I have a vested interest in fixing this for the girls.

I am a white, English-speaking woman who is perpetually stuck in the '80s being VICTIMIZED by those NUMBERS.

My story is one of Rags to Riches & back to Rags again.